Indomie’s Australia East Coast Road Trip Part 2 : Beautiful Tropical Side of The Continent
Mossman Gorge to Windin Falls This journey let me enjoy...
Indomie’s Australia East Coast Road Trip Part 1 : A Remarkable Indomie Accomplishment
Alice Springs to Mossman Continuing what I wrote in my...
Good Bye Yulara, Hello Road Trip
It was the time to say good bye to the...
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Living in Yulara means you have limited access to entertainment. Don’t dream about watching movie at cinema, having bobba, going to a fancy club, or

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The Desert Life

I still remember when I was first introduced to Voyages, and to be employed at Ayers Rock Resort in the desert which the closest K-mart,

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The Other Rocks

At first I thought working and living here would be boring because I’m in the middle of desert, I didn’t check that actually I could

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How They Were Formed

I still remember the first time I visited the rock, there was a strange feeling about it. I was totally in awe and wondering how

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Walk Walk To The Rock

In my first three weeks working at the bar, every day at least I would engage a conversation about how the guests have visited Uluru

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217.45 FM

10th June 2019; my last day in Perth. The city that was so perfect for me: not too crowded, not too quiet. On that day,

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Water Here and There

From my traveling, I found several interesting topics that I want to dig in and Messi challenged me to write more serious stuff once in

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Journey To The West

Australia is super duper big lol! When I told my dad we were gonna drive from Darwin to Perth, he freaked out and asked me

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Life is indeed a never ending adventure. Cia, Rusi, and I decided to leave Darwin, to leave stability, to leave ongoing income without a clear

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My Tribe

See the faces up there? Those are who touch my soul and I can’t tell how grateful I am to have them. Family alone has

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The Northern Territory

Welcome to the two season state in Australia! Autumn was just started and the temperature was down to 9-14°C at night when I left Perth.

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Forever Home

If you have read my previous post, you’d remember I wrote about how I sensed Mark would be one of my biggest support systems. When

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Me Before You

It’s funny to think in a certain point of time, your life changed because of someone. I knew about this Work and Holiday Visa program

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People don’t take trips. Trips take people. – John Steinbeck. It’s what Messi and I exactly feel! We are still amazed until right now and

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This village is located in the eastern shore of Lake Batur. Different from low-land Balinese people, Bali Aga people from Trunyan village has a very

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I’m a calendar-ignorant person. When I flied to Bali about 3 weeks ago, I didn’t know Bali would be celebrating Silence Day (Nyepi) this month.

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Surprise Factor

Life is really full of surprises with a very common plot like: “if things didn’t work like that then life wouldn’t be like this”. That’s

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Details of Belitung Trip

Hey Guys! Sudah baca dong blog tentang perjalanan gw dan teman-teman gw ke Belitung? Setelah post beberapa foto di Instagram, gw dapat beberapa pertanyaan standar

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Hey guys, selamat datang di; web yang khusus gw dedikasikan untuk mencatat perjalanan-perjalanan gw. Anyway, cerita pertama kali ini adalah tentang perjalanan singkat gw

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