At first I thought working and living here would be boring because I’m in the middle of desert, I didn’t check that actually I could visit several famous places around here. I don’t have a car so I had to rent car to go to these places and damnnn, the rental cost here is around $100/day. It’s actually too much for me that’s why we always had to go as a group which I enjoyed it so much! I am picky in term of choosing travel mates but these people just happened to be so fun to go with!

Kata Tjuta

Of course, Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta means many heads in Anangu language, consists of 36 domes and the highest one is 198m higher than Uluru. The body of Kata Tjuta was built out of pebbles, cobbles, and boulders.

I couldn’t get a proper full-body picture when I was actually visiting Kata Tjuta but here’s how it looks from near my room.

I came here with a new Korean guy that just started working at the bar. We have already spoken to do this trip in his third day of working lol.

This is Joshua, when he was still a nice and polite friend lol.

We chose to start from Valley of The Wind first and we did the circuit walk for 2,5-3 hours if I’m not mistaken.

What I like about national parks in Australia, they really make you feel safe. Providing drinking water for people even in a desert like this is a must.

Domes everywhere.

Why does it has so many domes? If you read my previous post, I was talking about how the rocks were formed. Back in the day, when the huge rock was being folded and taunted, vertical joints and fractures cracked through the rock. Water then seeped down through thousands of years and eroded it away. Grain by grain, pebbles by pebbles to form valleys and gorges that split the rock into rocks we see today.

It was such a breath taking beauty.
Posing at The Valley of The Wind.

This spot is SUPEEERRRRBBBBB. When you’re about to reach here, you will see a red-orangey colored valley, it looks like you’re seeing world with camera filter. The dome walls beside you are so high and you can hear the sound of the wind passing through the valley. It was so quiet and peaceful.

And this is Walpa Gorge.

To reach Walpa Gorge, you just have to drive 5 minutes from Valley of The Wind. This place is so majestic as well. You can actually stand in front of the “wall”, look up, and think how small you are compared to the nature.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is located in Watarrka National Park, 306 Km from Yulara and takes about 3,5 hours to reach there. Kings Canyon was built out of the sandstone as well. To me, from the whole experience during the trekking I can say I love Kings Canyon the most.

Pic by my friend, Matt.
Peeps in my first trip to Kings Canyon. Sand, Yuka, Matt, and Gerrard.
Peeps when I went back to Kings Canyon. Sand, Joshua, Warren, and Rohan.

I was so much dazzled when the first time I came. The whole trekking can be completed in 3-3,5 hours. At first, we go up drastically to climb up one of the domes. After that, you’ll be in high land and the view is just so surreal. I looove the whole trekking process.

Cross bedding in beehive-like domes formed because of the sand dunes. The wind deposited sand in different direction over period of time.
Proof of dead sea’s ripples, waaayyy back million years ago.
My favorite view.

First time when I came here, I focused so much on the place, said my feelings out loud because it was that good! Lol. The second time, I focus on having fun with the peeps. They were just crazy and wild. Joshua, Warren, and Rohan were shouting like apes (I didn’t know why they started it tho) that a ranger heard our craziness from far away and finally told us to behave better lol. He also saw me lying down near the cliff, peeking below, and he was right guys; safety comes first and we should enjoy the park in a way that the others can enjoy it in silence too.

Garden of Eden. A quiet place that you can take a nap, eat your food. We watched so many birds around this water source. Blessed.

After Garden of Eden, you’re on the way back to the car park and the view is flat until you’re about to go ‘down hill’.

The view is just amazing!

I saw so many elderly people do the trekking here too. I also have a dream to keep doing things like this till I’m old (if I live long enough) <3.

Mount Conner

It’s a 300m high flat-topped sandstone that became rock mountain. It’s located in private-owned land of Curtin Springs Station, only accessible by private tours. We always see Mt. Conner when we leave Yulara heading to Kings Canyon or Alice Spings. It’s located near the ancient inland salt lake.

I’m not sure if this is the ancient salt lake they’re talking about. But this place is so beautiful as well.
Finally, Mt. Conner behind me.

It’s amazing what the red center can offer: beautiful places and unforgettable memories I will never forget. My life in the desert is nearly over, let me tell you in the next post ;).