Alice Springs to Mossman

Continuing what I wrote in my previous post, Alice Spring was the starting point of the road trip where we bought 2 of 2-person dome tents only for $12 each, butane gas, fresh veggies and dry food. We also legally changed the car certificate under my name with $165 for the stamp duty at the Northern Territory (NT) Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR). We also bought the car insurance and got comprehensive deal for $70.68 per month and you can cancel anytime! We chose QBE and I highly recommend it! Remember, every road trip needs backup aid, especially if you use your own car. Anyways, after 2 days of waiting, Bow finally touched down and was ready to join us!

Day 1, 7th of Jan 2020 — HELLO BOW!

Bow was our coworker who worked mainly in Room Service and she’s a Thai, just like Sand. Two days in Alice Spring just with the boys, I came to a realization that I needed a same sex friend for this long road trip lol. Bow’s presence also brought a new fresh color in our lives.

Our goal on the first day was to reach Boulia within around 8.5 hours. Sand drove for the first 200 Km until we stopped at Atitjere (very small community region, it wasn’t even a town) to fill up the tank. Joshua took over the steering wheel and the sealed road turned to gravel not long after. I thought it was just another road construction because I know some of NT highways have it and based on my experience, the construction was usually only less than 50 Km long. I knew it would be over soon then I slept xD.

TWO HOURS LATER, I woke up and we were still in the same road! I checked on map and we only moved a bit. Joshua was really worried about the car since it’s old and we didn’t really know if the tires could make it because seriously, the road condition was so bad, hence he drove it slowly.

We always paid attention to the temperature. While we had it rested, we finally had super late lunch.

For convenience reasons, we agreed from the start that we would camp in caravan park but I knew we couldn’t make it to Boulia that day. It was already 5 PM when we reached Jervois Station. Well, it has campsite and fresh water, so we decided to stay for a night.

Money spent on fuel $128.64; campsite $15.

Day 2, 8th of Jan 2020 — The birth of Indomie.

Sleeping at that campsite wasn’t nice actually! It was so damn humid, so many ants, uneven ground and no wind! Ugh I feel like an old naggy grumpy grandma. In the next morning, weather stayed the same and AUSTRALIAN FLIES ambushed. I have finished folding female tent and I was cooking breakfast when I decided to help Sand to fold his. That morning was so perfect for me to get angry especially when Sand and I had misunderstanding which forced me to refold the tent for three times! That was the first time ever I got so angry to Sand that I didn’t even want to say a word xD.

Sand was the first driver again, he speeded up so we won’t be trapped too long here as the station owner said the road is bad all the way to Boulia. Damn. Those two boys started to cheer the car up and apparently they named it Indomie. Ah, they also decided that Indomie is a she. “INDOMIEEE, YOU CAN DO IT!”; they kept shouting things like that. I wanted to join the vibe and laugh together but I decided to hold back the FOMO energy inside and this ego won the game.

I was driving the car next and it wasn’t easy. It was soooo hot; the temperature gauge almost reached the red bar and there was no single place to stop by, no shade was seen! Thank God I did some tricks to keep the gauge just below the red or we could be stranded in a very hot day.

Portable fan from my roommate was so helpful :'( lol!

We passed the Queensland border and made it to sealed road in Boulia after driving for about 500 Km on gravel road. We had lunch there then Sand and I made up so the road trip could be fun again lol. Joshua and Bow tried hard to get my mind straight lol! Thanks guys.

Joshua drove to Mt. Isa. Money spent on fuel $137.54; Mount Isa Caravan Park $45.

The road we took was Plenty Highway and actually route 87, 66, and A2 would give you better road quality lol.

Day 3, 9th of Jan 2020 — Good bye $266!

It was my turn to be the first driver! We left Mount Isa which actually such quite a big city. We were stunned but nothing compared to the view after. We drove in a hilly road, the sun was giving its best color in the morning and made the landscape looked more orangey and dramatic. You could see pretty hills and big rocks everywhere.

Kinda failed to show you the beauty from this picture tho.

I was so busy praising the view that I didn’t realize I forgot to set the cruise control at one time. I drove at 120 Kph when the speed limit was only 100 Kph and suddenly the police car came from the other side. He caught me red handed and naaaahhhh, I got pulled over! The device said I drove at 114 Kph and I got 3 demerit points and had to pay $266 for the fine. It was exciting since I never got fined before during road trip but….my money :'(.

I gave my email address where the police would send the infringement to. I just had to transfer the money later and still got my licence with me.

Just before we reached Cloncurry, we visited Chinaman Creek Dam because I feel obliged since I’m asian…nah, we just wanted to refresh ourselves.

Joshua spent the day mostly sleeping when he wasn’t driving, such a cute baby lol. We got a bit bored listening to the same music so Sand, Bow and I played word game while passing this:

Did you see the small termites? We passed countless of them!
road trip to queensland
Money spent on fuel $62.56, Goldfields Caravan park $20.

It was a nice, clean and cheap park but I wish they had more stoves in the communal kitchen.

Day 4, 10th of Jan 2020 — Oh Hello Beauties!

From the beginning, we knew northern part of Queensland would be the highlight of our road trip and it was true! Non-stop beauts along the way up!

Just like from the dairy milk ads.

We planned to visit Mareeba to see the hot air balloon but we didn’t, now I kinda regret it lol. But we had such a nice lunch at Thai restaurant there, seriously!

Had springroll, Pad Thai, Beef Basil, Som Tum, Tom Yum, aaakkkkk *droolin’
My mandatory legs picture. No more red sand… but I missed Uluru already.
At Hypimamee Waterfall, but you ain’t see it, you see me… :p
here here, don’t cry.
Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas.
Stranded mermen lol.

We stayed at Mossman Pool and Caravan Park and it was nice, we had grass which we never had before lol. Sadly it was raining heavily that we had to move the tents all the way to the kitchen XD. Cheap tents don’t have flysheet.

Emergency site.
Money spent on fuel $78.66; caravan park $42.

We finally reached the first important check point of the road trip. We evaluated what we have been through and we were proud of Indomie. I still remember we questioned her ability a lot but she proved that she could make it. Even some people we met on the road were amazed we didn’t get flat tire on the ruthless Plenty Hwy. We passed the worst (I hoped) so I knew Indomie could make the road trip till the end!

Sexy Indomie :3 Thanks for your effort in the road trip.