Mossman Gorge to Windin Falls

This journey let me enjoy the scent of the after rain in the forest, the big and high tropical trees, the humidity, just like whenever I hiked any mountain in my country. But Australia has THE BEST VIEW FROM WATERFALL which I have never witnessed before, just wait for it! Continuing our previous journey, hereby I present you another story unfold.

Day 5, 11th of Jan 2020 — Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge is located in World Heritage Listed Daintree Forest and it only took us less than 30 mins from our accommodation to get there. We had to park the car at the visitor centre and went to the site by shuttle bus provided. It cost us $47.20 for the bus fare.

There we walked in the forest for hours, enjoyed the heavy stream of Mossman River, and found a ‘secret’ pool to dive in. There I read valuable information about tropical rainforest throughout the trek. I then knew why rainforest trees have buttress roots that they can make you stumble lol; it’s because even though rainforests need rain, wet condition can make the soil become unstable, waterlogged and low in oxygen. The trees adapt by spreading the roots so it’s less likely for the trees to fall.

They also let us know about the water source for the river. Up on the Main Coast Range and Carbine Tableland, large amounts of rain were formed because the mountains intercept moisture-laden winds from the ocean. Another cool source of the water is when the clouds meet forest up in the mountain. The trees STRIP water from the cloud and let it drip to the ground. So cool aye? Maybe because I have watched One Strange Rock and was amazed by how nature works that every part of it is interconnected! I always admire this kind of process.

I feel smart by reading lol. Thank you nature, for providing us water.
Bow took an honest picture of these 3 idiots splashing water to each other. Lol.

Leaving Mossman Gorge, we crossed the river to visit Cape Tribulation and the crossing fee was $30 for Indomie, our car. I don’t know why but we didn’t even get to see the cape. We followed the map but found nothing LOL.

Up to 12 cars per batch.
At least we got to see the beauty from Alexandra Lookout (and played at the beach).

It was almost 4 pm when we left Daintree and we promised to visit Vano–our Walpa buddy–earlier, but the plan kept changing that he went wild and got angry lol! Finally we got to see him in uniform at 4.15 pm! He worked at Silky Oaks Lodge, a luxurious place to stay with the view of Mossman River. You can even enjoy the sound of the stream near the restaurant. I’m not sure if Vano looked happy to see us or because of his new workplace. He even gave us free drinks he made by himself!

My cocktail is in the middle. It’s called Chi Chi and tastes like Pina Colada.
Thank you Vano!
Indomie’s next destination was Cairns and we passed this beautiful drive.

We looooved Cairns. You have beaches, mountains, waterfalls to see; it’s also quiet enough just like Perth. Sand, Bow, and I fulfilled our angry stomachs with good food at the night market while Joshua went to see his friend.

Money spent on fuel $59.78; campsite $50

Day 6, 12th of Jan 2020 — Cairns City tour

We spent entire day in Cairns; to the mall, Japanese restaurant, also visited Crystal Cascade, a cascade waterfall where four of us enjoyed water massage. We had Korean BBQ later and Joshua was the chef of the night lol. He prepared us the pork belly, cut them for us, and took care of the drinks as well. Bow was wasted that night LOL! That was the second time I saw a drunk girl just like in drama xD, she even splashed water to one of us lol! Kinda envy Bow as she could enjoy the drink because I couldn’t. Drinking soju made me wanna puke, ugh.

Bow was half wasted here lol!

Anyways, Cool Water Holiday Park is a cool place where we can feed turtles, do bird watching, creek swimming, rainforest and creek walks. The kitchen, laundry, and shower rooms are also clean and convenient. We were pleased spending 2 nights here.

Day 7, 13th of Jan 2020 — Windin oh Windin

Sand and Joshua were skydiving in the morning!!! I really wanted to try but it was kinda expensive (and I was planning to do it later this year in Daarjeling, India). They even bought the cheapest one which no video or photo taken, only a certificate to prove they did this lol.

Bow and I were doing the boring yet important part: folded tents and packed up everything, drove Indomie to mechanic to have it serviced, and waited for hours in cafe while planning for the journey. Then we picked up the boys in the salon (yea, they kept having the best of the day) and at around 3 pm, we finally off to Wooroonooran, where Windin Falls is located. I was so stupid because I have driven for 30 mins only to realize I still have the salon’s toilet card with me! I wasted about 1 hour and Windin Falls was still far!

I also had to drive thru Gillies Range where it gave me chills since it has 263 corners, and 800 m elevation change in only 19 km of road!

Courtesy of ScooterFile.

Sand and Joshua were shouting at me because I drove too fast, thus I slowed down lol. It was scary tho.

We started to hike to Windin Falls at 5.45 pm! Actually I really didn’t want to visit it that day because I worried it would be dark by the time we get there (distance is about 5.6 Km) but we did it anyway. Sand and Joshua walked so fast but Bow was struggling hiking! She didn’t feel okay and she wore slippers when some parts of the trek are muddy. But I tried to encourage her along the way and finally we made it!!

I heard Sand and Joshua were shouting excitedly that I ran to see what before them. And I saw it. A vast, green, beautiful tropical rainforest, an epic unparalleled views over the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. I also realized… We were on the TOP of waterfall!! I was literally speechless because it was so breathtaking!

THIS!! Oh man, you gotta see it yourself!
I saw a blue dragonfly flying to me here. It felt surreal. (Thanks Sand for the pic!)

There were no other people around that time and I was amazed that we could still make it before dark! Hungry and tired, Bow finally be able to snack something (because the way back would be quite long and tiring as well).

When we hiked down, I was so proud of us because we stuck together, took care about each other, and were agile! It was dark already and we had no clue about wildlife that may hurt us. Sand even piggybacked Bow for some time to buy us time. After about 75 mins going down, we finally saw Indomie again.

I guess trip to and from Windin Falls is the highlight of the roadtrip. Best view and exciting story behind it as well! Can’t wait to tell you what’s next!

Fuel $72, campsite $41