The Other Rocks

The Other Rocks 3

At first I thought working and living here would be boring because I’m in the middle of desert, I didn’t check that actually I could visit several famous places around here. I don’t have a car so I had to rent car to go to these places and damnnn, the rental cost here is around […]

Walk Walk To The Rock

Walk Walk To The Rock 4

In my first three weeks working at the bar, every day at least I would engage a conversation about how the guests have visited Uluru or plan to visit Uluru and I would tell them that I never went there although I had been here in weeks. But on 6th of July, I finally did […]

The Sweet Southwest

The Sweet Southwest 5

Since I have finished my six-month job in Perth and I had to leave Perth, one of the last things to do was to visit the Southwest with Rusi. We had been dreaming to go there but never got a chance (or never tried to really make it). Finally we’ve got friend to go and […]

A Vivid-Warm Nostalgic Town Called York

A Vivid-Warm Nostalgic Town Called York 6

Let me tell you something, I never intended to come to York that day. I’ve always been like this; whenever I plan something, I only work on it for 40%-50% and the rest of it will be improvisation. Good thing I traveled alone again yesterday and I could drive anywhere I wanted. My original plan […]

Rottnest Island: Land of the cuties

Rottnest Island: Land of the cuties 10

It’s been a while since the last time I traveled solo and anw I owe you another two travel stories when I was still in Darwin which I did with friend(s). This time, life in Perth made us walk alone. We got different jobs and it’s so hard to match the time. On top of […]

Journey To The West

Journey To The West 13

Australia is super duper big lol! When I told my dad we were gonna drive from Darwin to Perth, he freaked out and asked me how far we would drive. “You better don’t know the distance, Pa.” I said. I’m glad he didn’t google it because I know how overthinking my dad is.     […]

(almost) Near Death Experience in Katherine

(almost) Near Death Experience in Katherine 27

In the end of May, I went back to Indonesia to see my dying grandma. Both of us lived together alone for 6 years and I was so afraid to lose her when I wasn’t around her so I made up my mind to go home. It wasn’t an easy decision tho because the airfare […]

The Motorcycle Diaries: The End of Trip

The Motorcycle Diaries: The End of Trip 34

May 14th 2017 It was Sunday and it was our last day in Kupang. We decided to visit two last places before heading back to Jakarta and we got ready in the very morning; those were Oenesu Waterfall and Tablolong Beach. Oenesu was located not far from the city and Messi helped me again with […]