Life is indeed a never ending adventure. Cia, Rusi, and I decided to leave Darwin, to leave stability, to leave ongoing income without a clear assurance about the next job. Rusi could’ve climbed up (she was already a supervisor tho), Cia got so many hours and her work was trusted. Me? Eventho my wrist hurts and I had to have it rested, my manager helped me to keep being productive by giving me easy tasks. In my eyes, I really had the stability. BUT! Blame our ages, we’re still so young that we want to explore more. The plan of moving to Perth had emerged since a month before but we kept delaying it until it reached one point and I realized the universe was working on us! We searched for flight ticket but Cia’s instinct said better no hurry. She actually wanted us to do road trip instead of flying. Rusi suddenly watched Instastory of her friend; doing road trip by campervan for a very cheap price by relocating the van from one to another state. Somehow I also suddenly read my friend’s, Wilson Sumbayak’s Instagram post which boosted up our spirits. Minutes after that, we found a perfect ride from Darwin to Perth from We booked rightaway lol.

Don’t plan too much he said. Set your direction and let’s pack no matter if you’ll fail or succeed. Sometimes you just need the courage (eventho it looks reckless).

Anyway, this relocation thing really helped us to save the money! All you have to do is to visit Coseats and find your desired trip (and good deal if you’re lucky).

Darwin-Perth was only had one deal. We were lucky tho. And in case you’re asking if we really paid $1 per day, well……
Yes we did

So the deal required us to relocate the campervan in a week and you can see we had to pay $100 on the 7th day because $1/day is only for the first 6 days. Actually Apollo asked us if we wanted to return in a day earlier but we wasn’t confident we could drive 4100km that fast. Plus, we’ll be charged extra if we deliver it late so yeahhh we chose to pay $100 :'( But you can see it was actually a good deal and some deals are good enough about the fuel policy. In our case, we got $50 refund of fuel but some can give you refund muuuchhh more, e.g. $700. Y so cheap? Because we basically helped the company to deliver the vehicle to the state where it was booked. And to us, it was a nice deal because the airplane ticket could cost $350 per pax. We’d rather add up a bit more and enjoy the scenery tho.

Anyways, we only had a limited time to do preparation but thank Gooooddd we worked at hotel coz there are so many leftovers that we could take and it saved us so much money. We didn’t buy toiletries, things we use in cooking such as cooking oil, salt, pepper, and many other spices and seasonings, linens to cover our beds, any many more. Another problem arose: capacity. Cia and I only brought 1 carrier and 1 backpack each, and a guitar. But you won’t believe Rusi lol! She brought 2 luggages, 1 daypack, and 2 more tote bags of her daily essentials. Cia and I worried so much where the heck we should place her belongings xD not to mention we packed so many shopping bags about our cooking items. But yeah, we could think about it later as preparation was the thing we had to do at that time.

To be honest we didn’t have a proper time to prepare for the road trip because we still worked in the past week and hotel was still busy plus we had a farewell party on the day before we left. Our manager and supervisor came up with and idea: International Food Day. Each person should bring one of traditional food of their country. So imagine even on the last day before we went, we were still busy cooking xD. I cooked Nasi Liwet, Cia cooked Bakwan Jagung, Rusi hired someone to cook Rendang Sapi as she had a very high expectation of it but apparently she was not happy with it, three of us were.

Just finished cooking at Rusi’s place.
Not the complete one.
We had Fijian, Thai, Indonesian, Nepalese, Papuan, and Filipino foods. So nice! Can’t believe we were so good in cooking.
Maigad so blurred T^T. But well, I’m gonna miss these Indo girls :*
Last family picture <3 Not a full squad tho ;”(

Can’t believe it had been 6 months for me to work there. From the state of “I want to quit!” in literally everyday to the state “I’m gonna miss this.” To my manager, Ana, you’re something! You’re tough and sometimes scary but I know your heart is so tender. You are very compassionate and thank youuuu for helping me throughout my hard times and thank you for molding me to be tougher and better. And to my supervisor, Vini, I’m gonna miss your laughter. Your smile, laughs, jokes, and foods will be remembered xD. I always adore how inspiring your life is and parts of you as a mother are things I want to have someday. Thank youuuu. Good thing of this parting is, I left together with my 2 close workmates that I didn’t feel alone lol but I’m definitely gonna miss everything about Oaks.

Bye trolley.

D-day has come! Cia and I went to get the campervan and woooo, we were so spoiled by it. Four people can fit in the van and it has 2 beds, kitchen, sink, microwave, fridge, good air flow, etc! Niceeeeee <3 Watch this and you’ll be amazed. Cia was the first to drive and was so challenged to drive a van lol! But the van was really nice; smooth, runs with automatic transition and really had good power.

Time to part came for real. We cried as we knew we couldn’t spend many days of togetherness with people we love in Darwin anymore but we’re still in Australia anyway. We hope we’ll meet again someday.

Thank you Darwin. I thank you so much.