Good day, Mate! Cheers from Straya! xD

It’s been 6 months since I came to Australia and I am still in the same euphoria as when I landed my feet at Perth International Airport on last 20th February 2018. Life has been so good to me until now. Several days ago, I reread my old blog (here) and flash-backed how I was so confused with my life back then. Quarter-life crisis hit me and I was really not happy with myself; kept asking about what I should’ve been. I demanded myself to know what to do even though I knew finding an identity was not that simple; at least for me. If I have to ask myself right now, I still don’t have a good picture about my future: about what kind of long-term job I want to do, what kind of life style I want to have, etc; BUT, ever since I came here I got so much resources to move and explore.

I am a Work and Holiday Visa holder (visa subclass 462). Only 1000 people from Indonesia can go to Australia with this visa in a year. The first time I heard about this was in 2015 and I actually wanted to join in the next batch in 2016. Somehow life gave me another privilege to enjoy my time in Indonesia until I finally departed in Feb 2018. I still remember I started to aim this in early 2017 and I thought I was be able to make it in the same year. Nevertheless, I never regret anything and I really really believe in God’s timing. During my waiting period, I enjoyed my work life with Jasmine Tease, I enjoyed my friends company, and I enjoyed spending time with my family until the time for me to go had come.

It was hard indeed. I had never lived alone before and fully depended on myself; being away from home made me really sad! I really missed my Unyung, my family, my friends, my clay, and everything. The first 2 weeks were the hardest and it was worse because I didn’t have so many activities to do. It was hard to find a job and I didn’t have much money to survive PLUS, I still had bills to pay in Indonesia. It was hard yes, I should’ve been so stressed but funny, I was so happy too! Life somehow tasted much sweeter when I had no money. I thank universe for leading my life this way and I am so grateful I met so many kind people whom without them, I wouldn’t have been here, living happily right now.

Now, I have a job, I earn good money, I can help my parents and others, I have savings, I can go on holidays, I meet so many good friends, and most importantly, I KNOW WHAT TO DO at least in the next 5 years. Seriously, that’s what makes me soooooo happy. Well, everything is uncertain; I may get many surprises along the way; I may experience the good and the bad. But, good? bad? who knows! I totally dare to live my life to the fullest.