Here I am now, stranded in Yulara, Northern Territory lol. I am now working for Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, at Sails in The Desert Hotel to be precise, as food and beverage attendant, again. It’s a well-known company which employs many indigenous people, to prepare them to work in a bigger scale. If you open the G-map, our location is almost in the centre of the continent. We have IGA, post office, souvenir shops, and a few places to eat; all located in Town Square.

The first two weeks were very hard for me, I got a few personal problems and I didn’t have my friends with me in person. About the job, it is harder than the one that I had. Even though fine dining restaurant at Duxton seemed to be more stressful and the sequence was longer there, I still find it’s harder here working at the bar lol. But slowly but sure, I began to have friends <3

Actually, our counsellor even warned us not to tell stories or venting our problems to friends because just in caseeee, they’re not really your friends. And Yulara, is such a small town, we have about 1400 residents here, working and living together. Word of mouth can go faster than speed of light, I’m worried lol. That was why I didn’t want to open up to anyone; but now since I have changed, my world changed. Besides, all the people that I’ve met here are nice and I have a few people that I love the most here so far.

It’s gonna be a long journey here, let’s see what stories will be told.